No more taxis!

The first big news of the past 3 weeks is that we finally got a car. What’s the big deal, you think? Well, not really a big deal if you have lived here for years or somewhere in the suburbs of a big city. But having lived in the center of Copenhagen for nearly 9 years and commuting by bike everywhere, even to IKEA…hell yeah, that’s a big deal!  My husband got his driving licence in Denmark 2 years ago, but I got one after my school back in …early 2000, which makes my driving skills quite rusty. So we got a rental car for starters, not even my color and type, so that stress would be less driving it 🙂  And, of course, our triathlon bikes would fit. Renault Duster it is!


Since both me and my husband are speed junkies (cycling 40-50km/h on a flat is our weekly adrenalin dose), we of course both like to sit at the wheel. 🙂 But my husband says “I want you to feel like a woman”, a smart way to talk me out of driving the car most of the time. (Ultimately we will have two cars. Don’t tell my husband just yet ;))

While Abu Dhabi is still an ok driving experience, with great infrastructure at least (never mind high speed and reckless drivers in ferraris), Dubai, which we visited yesterday for the first time in our car, was a total nightmare. To get to Dubai took a bit longer than an hour, but to get to the spot in Dubai took another 45mins…just because we missed one turn.  Practice makes perfect!

Enough of driving. Another milestone is the fact that my husband is becoming a local star in blockchain technologies, and he pulls me in in the tech world – would never have thought would become so interested. Ignas presented to the local blockchain community last week, and is doing 2 presentations for a local CFA society in the coming few weeks. Feeling proud!



I did my contribution asking (no, begging for 3 weeks) to start blogging instead of just talking and today he officially kicked off his wordpress blog. Turning an engineer into a writer 🙂

Talking about taxis, we were to another blockchain event in Dubai yesterday, and a couple of cool projects got presented, including flying city taxis based on blockchain. I promise, I will get back to taxis when we get there!


Otherwise, life is great, weather is getting ever more pleasant (now below 30 degrees at night and mornings), so we gradually increase our outdoor activities. Running 10k, cycling 60k is our routine before-work workouts, now just need to build up swimming outdoors in the salty salty sea. (Talking of which, we have signed up for the PADI diving course in Fujairah in the first weekend of December.) I am hoping dolphins will help me 😛


P. S. It’s not as good as it looks! It is much, much better 😛

P.P.S. Did I tell you how chilly it is?!

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