“Getting chilly”

If it were not for my husband yesterday asking when was the last time I wrote a blog post, I probably wouldn’t have done it today! Time flies when you are having fun 🙂 And indeed, I couldn’t have done it yesterday, as we were in Dubai. Now and then we go there, primarily for serious stuff – the meetups dedicated to new technologies and in particular blockchain. Yesterday we went to Planet blockchain event for 5 user presentations focused on real estate applications. Guess who sits on the front row 🙂  And guess who is the smartest blonde in the room 😛


Otherwise being in Dubai is always a nice getaway, we spent some time walking around in the city center. Yes, finally walking outside felt very pleasant – it begins to smell autumn. We still haven’t been to Dubai enough for it to stop amaze us with the buildings and lights at night, the beautiful dancing fountains. And amazing sunset into that!


And yet, we always want to go back to the heavenly Saadiyat beach we are living on…where there are now increasingly more people out. But also, wild animals. As the temperatures fall from boiling to 27-32 degrees centigrade… I dared to say it is “getting chilly” another day to  my husband, who thinks that I am getting spoiled 🙂 And it is difficult not to.  This morning was particularly fun, as we spotted a bunch of dolphins playing just 20-30 meters from the shore, and as we approached them they were not a bit afraid. Swimming with dolphins – imagine that! 🙂 In the blue blue sea.

We are yet to do a number of things we planned. Now we finally got driving licences converted, and the next step is to get a car. Taxis are dirty cheap here, but if we want to go cycling to mountains or desserts, we need to have a car to bring us there. Dubai Ironman 70.3 is just 4 months way. And between now and then we have so many activities to do: Formula 1 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, Ed Sheeran, Calvin Harris, Pink concerts, FIFA World Cup with Real Madrid etc, Creamfields music festival with best global DJs, Trevor Noah show…and that’s just until the early December, and only the things we booked so far 🙂 Dubai opera will be something for Jan-March next year, too.  So, any wonder there is this little time for the blog left!? 😉

Workwise, it is also busy and fun. I was on a business trip a week ago, for a week to New York. The first time I was in New York it felt amazing. Now – not so much. Buildings – the UAE has taller. Streets – the UAE has cleaner. People – the UAE has more friendly. Space – the UAE has more of. Traffic – the UAE has less of.  Nature – the UAE has better. Weather – the UAE has warmer.  While I still like New York, I honestly felt very very tired after the trip and very happy to come back 🙂 Next week I go to Singapore, will see how it feels now that I have moved to Abu Dhabi already 5 months ago…


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