New discoveries

It has been a crazy couple of weeks.  Last weekend we went to Dubai – for the first time, a proper weekend with 2 nights in a hotel. We did what people usually like to do here, starting with going out to eat – to have an amazing steak at Prime68 enjoying a beautiful sunset on a Friday night…finishing with a midnight tea with chocolate at a cafe, like many locals do.


We spent the whole Saturday in the Dubai Mall, world’s largest. Without trying hard we managed to walk 8km in the mall…and that was supposed to be”little” because we saved our legs for the night we came to Dubai for – Tomorrowland festival in Dubai Festival City.

Impressions? Great music quality – enjoyed Martin Solveig live most, – and decent effects. The one thing annoying was the puff and show-off around, seems that here even to festivals some come just to take selfies. I thought European festivals are much more relaxed in that respect. And guards would be much more proactive in e.g. restricting indoor smoking. In any case, we danced ourselves to the point where… my feet hurt so much the next day I had to wear slippers on our way back home. But it was totally worth it. We will be back to Dubai for partying 🙂

FullSizeRender (2).jpg

While a weekend in Dubai is nice for partying, the quality of life is much better in Abu Dhabi, I find. Less traffic, the best beach in the UAE, people are more down-to-earth. Today for the second time we went early (5am alarm!) Saturday morning cycling around the place we live on Saadiyat island. After a long break waiting for my bike being shipped to the UAE, the season is finally open. And the good thing is, the season is just the beginning – and will last into April-May next year. If we can cycle in the +35 with 60% humidity – but a nice little breeze from the sea, maybe we can keep the cycling season all year round! This is amazing. 🙂


On another note, somewhat serious part of life, we have made advances into our pension investments. Since nobody takes fees to manage our investments any more (thanks God!), I started to trade FX for my own account. And with the help of my husband, or urged by him, I got interested and invested in the blockchain and cryptocurrencies. So far, so good. Last week we participated in the first ICO – initial coin offering – of And we are full arms in analyzing upcoming deals and prospects for different coins and tokens.  My husband’s IT/technical skills and my fundamental/FX/technical analysis skills makes us a good team to earn a nice 5-star dinner on a Saturday night.  Work hard, play hard 😉

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