Ramadan: week 2…and counting

Last time I wrote was about Day 1 full Ramadan experience. This time it is exactly two weeks since the start of Ramadan, and the start of our experiment to actually live the Ramadan routine. Well, not exactly. For us, who are active early birds, this means one meal per day – a sumptuous Iftar (dinner) after the sunset, just after 7pm.

The plan was to try, and it really set on. Why? Maybe because after the first 2 hard days (weekend!) of skipping breakfast and lunch, later experience was much easier. And, in fact, we learned that productivity picks up significantly during the day if the lunch break is skipped. It means I can do much more during the day at work, save time dedicated for lunch, when other guys have to go to a special room to eat so that the locals don’t see.

Sport? No problem with that at all. The energy levels are high despite not eating during the day (this book was right!). The normal routine continues, with running, swimming or spinning in the morning, and other things. “Other things” – after work, we tried a couple of martial arts classes, in particular jiu jitsu and boxing.  I have never done anything like that before, but liked it (my husband said I look good boxing ;), and think will start muay thai in a more serious way. And…

Before I get too much into sport, I will come back to Ramadan and share a few experiences of special Iftars we held outside home. One of them was in a traditional way at the Grand Mosque together with some 20,000 people. Lines and lines of people, women and men separately. Food is made by the Armed Forces Officers Club, sponsored by the Sheikh himself. Each gets a box of very simple, but surprisingly tasty food – rice, chicken, vegetables, lamb… and eat it sitting on the grass.  Imagine that happening every day, for the 30 days of Ramadan!



The only tiny inconvenience was the requirement to wear local clothes, ie fully covered, also the head. It was a bit warm outside around +35, so we got a bit of a sweat 🙂 And I had hard time struggling to keep that piece of cloth on my head in the evening breeze (how do they do that?!). But it was soooo much worth it! The spirit was amazing, and the views of the mosque in the evening light beyond spectacular.

I guess pictures speak louder than words.



To compensate for all inconveniences, next day we went to one of the most luxurious Iftars at Emirates Palace where for a price of AED 260 (EUR 65) you get unlimited drinks and buffet of all you can imagine exists. Sprinkled with gold, of course 😉


Unfortunately, having fasted all day, the stomach doesn’t really fit in much stuff. So I will be back to the place again next week, with my colleagues, to try more stuff.

The show must go on. Next weekend I go to my first business trip for a week, back to Europe, so write when back. For the trip, I got a handful of books to read which I think I finally have time for! 🙂


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