Hello (new) World. Bye bye hygge.

So, it finally happened. Back in 2013 I promised on Twitter (for fun) to move out from Denmark if it wins the Eurovision with the song “Only Teardrops”. Here we go. Flight on Saturday: destination Abu Dhabi.

9 years in Denmark!

Moving to Denmark to Lithuania back in autumn 2008 was kind of a challenge. From a hierarchical, (too?) colorful, displeased, expressive, and direct Eastern European culture, to polite, flat (like Denmark), blond-hair-black-dressed always happy Danish society… was a bit of a culture shock. And though I did not adopt it, by now I have learned enough of the Danish culture, which so well fits into the word hygge. 

Enough of hygge.

My work on the trading floor of Scandinavia’s largest bank Nordea was a bliss – I got to know Markets, and people passionate about the Markets. But an opportunity came up, and I decided to leave (with tears). I move to Abu Dhabi with my husband to work for the world’s second largest sovereign wealth fund, Abu Dhabi Investment Authority (ADIA), in their Treasury.

A culture shock ahead – again. I am excited, and feel ready for new challenges. I have read 4 books about the culture in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), and so far it seems it will be marked by authority, hierarchy, politeness. The word “No” is said to be rarely used there. I will definitely have to work on my being straightforwad and opinionated. 😉

For now, in my last week my biggest challenge has been to pack my stuff. 76 boxes (majority mine), and 4 of them are my shoes 🙂


Most importantly, winter clothes will be never used there!!! Yay.

Danish weather is just too cold. It was snowing just after Easter (April 18th!). I look forward to swimming outdoors more than 2 months per year, and using my triathlon bike ONLY with summer clothes. I am somewhat worried about the other extreme – summer heat in Abu Dhabi; but also see it as a good opportunity to improve my performance…in winter months. 🙂

For starters, we will live in Etihad Towers, which, I am sure, will give a good overview of the surroundings. Will zoom in once we get there!


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